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Ep. 17: Obianuju Ekeocha: Ideological Colonialism and Resisting the Cultural Annexation of Africa

Ep. 17: Obianuju Ekeocha: Ideological Colonialism and Resisting the Cultural Annexation of Africa

We discuss ideological colonialism, social engineering of the poor, and how Africa is used as a lab for experiments in a new type of humanitarian colonialism.

In this episode, I speak with Obianuju Ekeocha about the problem of ideological colonialism in Africa in the 21st Century. We discuss how Western governments, international aid agencies, and NGOs impose western, secularist ideas about life, family, and marriage on Africa. Obianuju argues that what we are seeing is a type of cultural annexation of Africa by Western elites that is a new type of colonialism. She argues that just like with 20th century colonialism Western elites collude with African leaders and go against the will of the population. Obianuju (Uju for short) Ekeocha is the author of "Target Africa", the writer and producer of the documentary film, "Strings Attached", and the founder and president of Culture of Life Africa, an initiative dedicated to the promotion and defense of the African values of the sanctity of life, beauty of marriage, blessings of motherhood and the dignity of family life. Culture of Life Africa answers the assaults on these values with African women's voices.


Uju’s Book: Target Africa: See Link Below

Documentary: Strings Attached

Obianuju YouTube Page

Culture of Life Africa

Open Letter to Melinda Gates
More  information:

There is more to Africa than one narrative: One Story Ted Talk by Chimamanda  Ngozi  Adichie 

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Cultural Annexation —comparable to colonization 

Berlin Conference 1884-1885 on Colonization “what are we going to do with  these people” 

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Pew Research on beliefs on abortion

Pew Research on African Attitudes to Contraception

Mexico City Policy

On the Errors of Intuition, Zero Sum, and Anthropology: I will link to a pdf soon from a chapter of my forthcoming book on re-thinking poverty in the developing world.

Links to Uju Speaking and other Videos

On Vaccine Trials in Africa
Culture of Life Africa:

Uju on Marie Stopes International  

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By Goldman, David

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The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom

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By Leonard, Thomas C.

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Broken Promises: How the AIDS Establishment has Betrayed the Developing World

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The War Against Population: The Economics and Ideology of Population Control

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