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The Moral Imagination
Ep. 44 Deion Kathawa: Technology, Religion, and Humanity in a Post-Human Age

Ep. 44 Deion Kathawa: Technology, Religion, and Humanity in a Post-Human Age

In this episode of The Moral Imagination Podcast I speak with Deion Kathawa about his essays at Public Discourse Technology and Dignity. We discuss a number of topics including

  • digital technology

  • social media

  • biotech

  • genetic engineering


  • post and trans-humanism

  • transgenderism

  • technology and power

  • how tech effects the rich and the poor and middle class

Kathawa argues that the new digital and biotechnology threaten our human in explicit and implicit ways from distraction to liquidation to degradation and that we need not only better law, but authentic religious practice, liturgy, and human friendship to resist these threats. We discuss the religious and philosophical sources of transhumanism from materialism to gnosticism, and human perfectibility and various thinkers including C.S. Lewis and Robert P. George. We also discuss the difference between transhumanist / transgender philosophy which sees the body as either malleable that needs perfection or the body and sexuality as something to escape from in contrast to the Christian view of the being and the body as good and part of who we are as embodied, embedded persons.   Biography Deion Kathawa is a law clerk at the Michigan Supreme court he has a law degree from the University Of Notre Dame and an undergraduate degree from the university of Michigan.  He writes for numerous outlets including The American Mind, Public Discourse, and his Substack Sed Kontra


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The Moral Imagination -  Michael Matheson Miller
The Moral Imagination
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